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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Front room project

This was done in 2008, but thought I'd post for prosperity ..

The cyclic decorating had come round to the front room.  Apparently if you do one room a year it never catches up.  Thank you to Julian for putting that on the agenda !

The 10 year old rear projection TV had to go and my 13 year old Pioneer AMP had just died .. So I spent some time and settled on a 50" Pioneer plasma & Onkyo receiver.  I say settled, that was probably 3 months of deciding ..

So, the rules are TV on wall, no cables - simple.  Yeah but if we put the TV there then the radiator is in the way ..  oh .. trip to The Radiator Gallery and returned later with a big hole in my wallet.

This was a massive job, it probably took two solid weeks of work running the cables and making good.  I'd certainly do it again but next time would get a plasterer in to finish the walls ..