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Sunday, 21 February 2010

iTunes - I tried

Its music management is horrible.  Always has been, and even though I tried its just not as flexible as Media Monkey.  Something which I've been using at home for a couple of years.

Followed this guide 

and moved Music & Podcast syncing to MM .. Podcasts are bit of a hack.  I cant see a way to get the final url from iTunes Store so have been subscribing to the Podcast where you can then right click and copy url, which I then add to MM.  Need to google that ..

Unfortunatly I still need iTunes for backup, contacts, video, ringtones ... I'm sure the time will come.

I feel cleansed ..

EDIT : Also just found that MM cant handle Video podcasts.  So they also need to go via iTunes.  I feel half and half now.  Not such a happy place but better than only iTunes.