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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

iSip SIP Client to Cisco Call Manager

After finally getting SIP phones working on our Call Manager 6 attention was turned to getting the iPhones connecting via the corp WLAN, and then via VPN.

The first part of this assumes your on a local network to the Cisco Call Manager (CCM).  First find your iPhones MAC address.

Settings | General | About | Wi-Fi Address

Set the SIP phone up as you would normally in CCM - See other Blog post.  Note.  Only one user can be assigned to a SIP device, so if you already have a SIP phone assigned to the end user you'll need to create a new one.  You can of course still assign the same extension number.

Install iSIP from the app store. 
Connect to your WLAN
and create the account as:

Display Name : Up to you
Domain : IP addr of your CCM Publisher
Username : Phone extension


In Advanced :

Auth Username : CCM end user
Proxy : IP addr of your CCM Publisher
Phone Number : Phone extension

Its possible Proxy and Phone Number in advanced are not needed.

Any problems then I suggest installing X-Lite, switching the MAC address and testing to make sure the User, digest etc are all working .. Then turn your attention back to the iPhone.

Connecting over a VPN worked seamlessly ..