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Monday, 28 September 2009

Sam's Giardino to Mowani Mountain Camp - Damaraland

Started early so we could go and get the windscreen fixed. They drilled a hole at the very end of the crack through the top layer of glass (apparently there are two) and injected some resin/glue which they activated with a UV light. This should stop the crack spreading.

Another 4 1/2 hour drive over gravel roads, the crack didn’t spread so I think we're safe. Left Sam’s around 9:10 and arrived at the next lodge 13:30. The dust is back. Luckily we bought some J-Cloths at Swakopmund.

Number 2 of 3 of the best lodges to stay at in Namibia - which we're staying in all three. Set up in the mountain around the massive boulders liberally scattered around the region. A tent on a platform design similar to Walverdans and Kulala. Stunning scenery.

This is probably the poshest place we've stayed so far. The service is equally as good as everywhere else but you can tell they are briefed on professionalism. Dinner was either main of Kudo fillet or Chicken, Kudo then. Brilliant.
Just after dinner the X Factor started. The guides, waiters, chefs etc threw together a medley of songs. Each taught to the others from the local area they came from.

Our waiter for the evening was Epson - I wonder if he has a brother called Hewlett Packard.