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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Day of rest.

Wandered into town and down to the restaurant we're eating at tonight - The Tug, and then around town. Weird place. Its an old German town on the coast with a mix of old a new buildings. The new are, well, weird. Odd colours, architecture like the design was smoking really strong skunk.

Drove out to Walvis Bay to scope where we're meeting the kayak lady tomorrow morning. Around the bay are some really nice houses, much like Camps Bay in Cape Town. Lunched at The Raft and got guilt tripped into buying a wooden Rhino O'Neal from the man from Zimbabwe. 100 N$. Drove out around the bay to the salt works and hundreds of flamingos hanging out.

From our room on the 1st floor I watched the gardener open what I think was his pay packet, I don’t know if it was a day, a few days or a week. But it was 60N$ and what looked like some tokens. 60N$ is about £6. That’s the part of holidays you don’t see unless you look hard and the part that I find hard to balance when you compare the amount of money spent on car hire and staying at some of the places on this trip.

Ate at the Tug, fish extravaganza. We're learning, only a main meal, which was as per the norm in this country, massive and good.